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കാരുണ്യത്തിന്റെ മംഗല്യം

(Marriage Aid)

This program is mainly funded to support and financially aid newlyweds, irrespective of religion, caste, or creed. Under this program, nuptial chains, clothes, and financial support are given. So far we have provided financial assistance for conducting 34 marriages. 

Recent News: ZMART Foundation has handed over marriage aide to the parents of Ms Jeena Biju. Jeena is the daughter of Shri Biju and Smt Thankamani, Biju Bhavan, Valikunnam. The representatives of ZMART foundation visited their house and the cheque was handed over to the parents. Shri Ani Samuel, Trustee, St George Orthodox Church, Vallikunnam, was also present.

The aide was sponsored by Shri Varghese T Iype, and Smt Lally Vargese, Thenkizhamoolayil Boban Villa, Mavelikkara, in light of their children's marriage. A cheque for ₹2 Lakh was handed over to Dr Alex Oommen, Trustee, ZMART Foundation.

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