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കടമ മറന്നാലും കരുണ മറക്കരുത്

Who are we?

ZMART foundation is a charitable trust, headquartered in Kozhikode, Kerala, aimed at providing support to those in need. ZMART was founded in in 2019, to uphold the principles of mercy, charity, and duty towards one's fellow human beings. We impart our services beyond the boundaries of religion, caste, and creed. 


We uphold the motto "Kadama marannalum karuna marakkaruth" and this vision is accomplished through our various projects, each aimed at addressing different needs. Read more about our projects via the link below: 

Would you like to make a donation to one of our projects?

You can read about our activities and make a charitable contribution.

Would you like to be more involved with the ZMART Foundation?

You can do so through our various programs such as Feed the hungry, sponsor a child or support a woman.

To do the needful to the needy. to uphold the principles of mercy, charity and duty towards others irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and color.

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